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About Us

District Batch offers a line of luxurious, safe and effective formulas that smell great, are environmentally conscious and are housed in glass as an effort to reduce plastic consumption. The founder of District Batch went on a plastic elimination diet a few years ago and only then realized how much plastic she was using. She had been making natural skin care products at home since she was a young teenager and got serious again when she met her husband. He has sensitive skin and she began making aftershave and other products for him and, eventually, soap. Founding District Batch was a way to fuse her passion for hand crafting with environmental awareness.

During this period of plastic consumption evaluation, what bothered her the most was that all of her skin products were sitting in plastic containers for, sometimes, years before they were used, leaching plastic into products that she applied to the most sensitive and vulnerable organ- her skin. She decided to launch District Batch and commit to using as little plastic as possible along with sourcing the best ingredients she could. While we aren’t 100% organic yet, as the company grows we are able to invest more in more in the highest quality ingredients available. We believe in transparency and we hope that our transparency encourages consumers to demand this transparency from other companies. Only then can we really begin to make changes about the way we consume and what we consume.

One commitment we have made is that none of our products will be extracted or refined using Hexane. Hexane is….

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