Lemongrass Mud Detox

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Powder to Clay Lemongrass Mud Detox

The Lemongrass Mud Detox is one of our favorites. It  is serious about detoxing. We blended pure, nourishing clays, including Indian Multani Mitti, French Green Clay and beautiful Bentonite clay from Wyoming. This versatile product can be used as a mud mask, a daily face wash, underarm detox or all over body mask. Simply mix desired amount of clay with liquid and smooth onto your skin. We recommend using our Immortelle Face Tonic, but you can also use water, tea, honey or yogurt to mix this up.

Application: Daily wash- mix clay and hydrosol and use just like you would a regular cleanser. Massage into dry skin and wash thoroughly. We recommend occasionally following with either our Eucalyptus or Imortelle Tonic or the Lemongrass hydrosol. Just spray or dab some onto a cotton ball and rub gently across your face. Using a tonic after any cleanse will help to re set the PH balance of your skin.

Underarm wash- mix desired amount and apply to dry armpits at least five minuets before entering the shower. Wash under your arms with one of our charcoal bars last. Depending on your need you should do this once a week to daily.

Mask- mix desired amount and smooth thin layer on face. We recommend allowing the clay to dry completely but some people may be more sensitive than others and will want to rinse off after a few minutes. We recommend following with our Tonic or Hydrosol to remove the last of the clay.

Body wrap- in the tub rub this all over your body and follow directions for mask.

Tub- add a few teaspoons to your bath for a relaxing detox soak

Ingredients: kaolin clay, bentonite clay, solum fullonum Moroccan lava clay, French yellow illite clay, French green illite clay, organic cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass essential oil)

1 review for Lemongrass Mud Detox

  1. Jacqueline Ward

    I can’t even describe how refreshing and beautiful this sent is. The mask drys quickly which is helpful for me since I don’t have much shower time these days. Read ‘mother to two young kids’. Ha!

    It leaves my skin so fresh and pure. Even after I wash with the detox charcoal soap and get out of the shower and moisturize my skin continues to feel more fresh and pure than with other products. Love.

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