Oil Cleansing Method Ritual


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Helichrysum Immortelle has an intoxicating tea like scent. It is one of the best natural remedies for skin because it decreases inflammation and regenerates cells. Turmeric oil reduces redness and diminishes swelling.

Bring our O.C.M. Ritual into your daily routine and reveal your most beautiful skin. No harsh chemicals or unwanted additives, just beautiful unrefined oils that cleanse, nourish, brighten and restore suppleness for a youthful look. This light cleanser is full of nourishing oils that break down dirt and makeup while leaving your skins natural oil in tact. Oil dissolves oil!

Use: Massage a fe drops into dry skin. Gently wipe clean with warm washcloth.

For a Korean style cleanse use the OCM Ritual first and follow with our Charcoal Face Bar. We recommend using our Immortelle Tonic to restores skins Ph balance as a final step.

Ingredients: organic high linoleic safflower oil, organic unrefined rosehip oil, organic unrefined argan oil, organic raw hemp oil, meadowfoam seed oil, unrefined red raspberry oil, unrefined blackberry oil, sacha inchi, organic turmeric oil, wildcrafted helichrysum oil, organic sea buckthorn oil, organic rosemary antioxidant

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