Sandalwood + Immortelle Face Tonic + Aftershave


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Immortelle Face Tonic (50 ml)

This elixir of hydrosols and plants is formulated to rejuvenate and refresh facial skin after a cleanse or shave. We infuse alcohol-free witch hazel with finely selected herbs and tree barks that boost its already impressive ability to cool and sooth perennially irritated skin.

Helichrysum immortelle hydrosol promotes suppleness and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Softening and calming sandalwood is known to refresh both your appearance and outlook. The Immortelle Face Tonic will intoxicate your senses with a woodsy melody of black tea, toasted honey and hay. Allow our finely crafted pH balanced formula to reset your spirits and skin.


Wash your face with our Tea Tree Charcoal Face Bar and spray on dry skin. This formula can also be used as a soothing after-shave tonic or any time of day your skin needs an instant pick-me up. Suitable for all skin types.

Pro Tip:

We love to keep ours in the refrigerator in the summer for an extra cooling skin awakening!

Ingredients: sandalwood hydrosol, helichrysum immortelle hydrosol* comfrey*, lavender*   chamomile, alcohol-free witch hazel, leucidal liquid    ( radish root ferment ), apsen bark powder                                       *organic

Ingredient Highlight:

Organic helichrysum immortelle hydrosol:

We sampled numerous helichrysum immortelle hydrosols before we landed on this one. The quality and smell is outstanding. The rich aroma of this calming flower water is the backbone of our outstanding formula because of its ability to relieve and moisturize. We are sure it will delight your senses and become part of your self care routine.

House infused alcohol-free witch hazel:

We select exceptionally high quality herbs and flowers to infuse in our alcohol-free witch hazel. After the herbs have soaked for, sometimes as long as 8 weeks, we triple filter the witch hazel to bring you the finest small batch infusions around.

Our unique preservative system:

We use aspen bark powder in combination with Leucidal Liquid, also known as radish root ferment, as our all natural preservative system. We then bottle our formulas in beautiful German ultraviolet glass bottles that block out harmful sun rays that would otherwise encourage mold and bacterial growth. Because we make in such small batches, you are always getting fresh products that have no need for harmful chemicals like phenoxyethanol in combination with tetrasodium EDTA, parabens and other chemicals that are harmful to the environment and your body. At District BATCH we ensure the purity and integrity of each product in the most natural way possible.

Formulated as an after shave or after wash our Sandalwood + Immortelle Face Tonic embraces your senses and nourishes your skin. It is pH balanced at 5.5, which is the ideal level your skin should be at. At this slightly acidic level the skin is able to seal in hydration and be protected from pollution, free radicals and environmental irritants.
Hydrosol: Also known as “flower waters,” hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh leaves, fruits, flowers, and other plant materials. Hydrosols have similar properties to essential oils but are less concentrated. Their aromas are often soft and subtle when compared to their essential oil counterpart. They have a scent that is similar to their essential oil, but have a greener note. Flower waters are unique because they have benefits of both the essential oils and the plants themselves.


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